Spider Cinco de Mayo Solitaire

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Cinco de Mayo Solitaire's Spider Solitaire! Featuring a fun background, exciting victory screen, and funky cards, this popular game is sure to have you coming back for more all year long!

Spider Solitaire is a great fun game where the goal is to take all of the 2 card decks and place them into stacks King through Ace to make them disappear from the board. Once all the stacks are created and thus disappear, you win! Use the cards in the waste deck to add more playing cards to the game when necessary. Make sure all slots are filled before this, though, because otherwise, you will not be able to add more solitaire cards.

Celebrate your victory with a delicious Margarita (virgin or not) and when you feel comfortable with your spider solitaire skills, spice your life up with the two or four suit spider solitaire versions also available on Cinco de Mayo Solitaire.com!

Spider Solitaire Strategy

  • Stack the cards in the tableau in descending order.
  • Click the stock button for more cards when you run out of moves.
  • Eliminate all stacks to win.


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